Types of water that cause basement flooding

Water in different categories

Several types of water can cause flooding in the basement, but research shows that there three main types of water linked to basement flooding. These types of water we use them daily in our homes and industries. Let us take a look at them. Learn information Minneapolis, MN .


This type of water is fresh since it comes from the municipal council and is always ready for use. It may require little treatment when it comes to drinking and cooking, but we use it to wash our clothes and houses directly. It is the most common type of water we interact with, and its misuse may lead to seepage and finally finds its way to the basement. Fortunately, freshwater may not have adverse effects when exposed. Discover facts about What you need to know about water in the Basement.

Gray water

Unlike freshwater, this type of water is always readily available and contain chemicals since it originates from the underground. It has adverse effects when exposed to human beings and even our buildings since it may be having microorganisms that may be harmful to our health.

Black water

Black water is the most dangerous type of water that causes basement flooding since it originates from sewer pipes and lines and has a high level of pathogens.

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