The Top Best Restaurants in Minneapolis

When it comes to foodies and their paradises,’ Minneapolis restaurants are guaranteed to have your taste buds watering whenever you are in the city. When thinking of Midwestern food, most people either crave essential meat-and-potato dishes (burger and fries!) or more obscure meals enter the Minneapolis food scene, which single-handedly shatters all preconceived notions. From gorgeously decorated venues that serve their very own take on Asian street cuisine to low-key eateries preparing some of the best Southern food, you’ll ever have, visiting all of the best restaurants in Minneapolis turns out to be one of the very best things to do while in town. See more here.


The Hai Hai

The Hai Hai brings a Southeast Asian street food vibe to Northeast Minneapolis. The establishment serves a myriad of mouth-watering dishes and brilliantly preserved cocktails. See here for information About Minneapolis, MN.

The Revival

From hushpuppies to heaping plates of fried chicken, Revival offers southern comfort food at its two locations, one in Minneapolis and one in St. Paul, for those who find themselves on the eastern side of the river.

Restaurant Alma

Once just a small restaurant, Alma eventually bought the building next door and added a café and boutique hotel to the original space. It’s entirely possible to spend a full weekend in the thoughtfully designed building, eating seasonally-inspired dinners complete with a whole lot of wine while snacking on pastries in-between meals.