Fun Hotspots Around Richfield 

Fun for The Whole Family

There many ways in which you can turn a dull afternoon in the house to a fun one that you will live to remember. Family fun outings play a significant role in helping families bond together as well as spend quality time with each other. If you are looking for a place where you can take the wife and kids for an afternoon of fun, here are a few good shouts. Minneapolis, MN  can be seen here.


Located on Portland Avenue Richfield, Malt-T-Melt is a local mini-golf spot that is very much cherished by the locals. Here you can play as many rounds of miniature golf as you wish. The course is well maintained and a little bit challenging, which makes it all the more fun. There is also a cool playground for the kids, and they can rent bikes and surreys. Didn’t bring some food? Worry not, there is a snack bar that sells some delicious treats. Click here to read about Explore the Food Scene of Falcon Heights.

 Richfield Ice Arena

Winters in Minnesota aren’t any fun without a little bit of ice skating. The Richfield Ice Arena provides a brilliant opportunity for that. A good chance to get the kids off their screens and make them work out all be it in a fun way.

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