Comprehensive Fire Damage Restoration and Repair in St Cloud, MN

This case study explores the extensive fire damage restoration project undertaken by Water Damage Pro in a residential property in St. Cloud, MN. It highlights the challenges, processes, and successful outcomes of the restoration.Fire Damaged Kitchen At House In St Cloud Mn

Restoration Company
Water Damage Pro
Address: 811 7th St S #3, Waite Park, MN 56387
Phone Number: (320) 437-8088

St. Cloud, MN

Insurance Company
All State

Project Type & Size

Type: Fire Damage Restoration
Property: Residential
Size: 3,765.08 sq ft interior wall area; Additional areas include ceilings, flooring, and exterior wall area.Fire Damage In Saint Cloud Mn
Numerical Info

Years in Business: Over 20 years
Working Hours: 24/7 service availability
Number of Rooms Affected: [Specify if available]

Comprehensive fire damage assessment and restoration services

Expert handling of various aspects like insulation removal, painting, and cleaning
Use of advanced techniques and equipment

Extensive fire damage across multiple areas of the property
Challenges with intricate details like popcorn texture ceilings and custom cabinet panels

Detailed and systematic approach to each affected area

Effective coordination of various restoration tasks including cleaning, painting, and installation
Use of specialized equipment for tasks like machine removal of blown-in insulation
Project Length & Products Used

Loss Date: 1-05-24
Inspection Date: 1-09-24
Completion Date: 2-15-24
Products: Vinyl plank flooring, shellac for sealing, specific painting materials, etc.
The case study concludes with key insights and the effectiveness of Water Damage Pro’s approach in restoring the fire-damaged property in St. Cloud, MN, ensuring customer satisfaction and property safety.

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