Fire Damage Restoration: Bringing Peace Back to a Family Home

St Paul Project

In the neighborhood of North St. Paul, MN, a devastating fire broke out in the main bedroom of a 1880 sq. ft. single-family home, leaving behind extensive damage to the bedroom and adjacent bathroom and garage. The fire resulted in significant smoke, soot, and water damage, the latter due to the firefighting efforts.

Water Damage Pro St Paul Project

fire damage project north st pual before repairfire damage project north st paul after

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1862 Heather Ct, St Paul, MN 55118
Phone: 651-304-6190
Website: Water Damage Pro St Paul

Faced with this calamity, Water Damage Pro St Paul swiftly stepped in to manage the restoration. The team showcased their commitment to restoring normalcy for the impacted family. Their detailed plan encompassed smoke and soot mitigation, board-up services, and an extensive repair and rebuild strategy, developed in close collaboration with the homeowner’s insurer, Farmer Insurance.

Restoration Project Location

  • North St. Paul, MN, neighborhood

Project Type & Size

  • Type: Fire Damage Disaster
  • Size: Two-story residential house, 1880 sq. ft.
  • Year: 1958

Loss Date: 04/25/2024
Inspection Date: 04/25/2024
Completion Date: 05/12/2024
Total Drying Time: 42 hours

Addressing the Challenges with Precision and Care

The project posed several challenges, primarily dealing with the mixed damages of fire, smoke, and water. The team needed to extract water effectively from the firefighting efforts and address structural damage in the garage. The restoration process required careful management to prevent further damage and ensure a thorough cleanup.

Innovative Solutions and Advanced Equipment

The restoration was backed by an arsenal of advanced equipment and products. Key tools included commercial dehumidifiers for moisture control, high-efficiency air movers, and cavity dryers to address the dampness pervasive in the structure. The use of moisture meters ensured precise humidity levels were maintained throughout the process. For soot and smoke removal, the team used specialized fire damage sponges along with a suite of cleaning agents like tri-sodium phosphate and chlorine bleach, ensuring all surfaces were meticulously cleaned.

Project Timeline and Execution

The project kicked off with an immediate inspection on the loss date, 04/25/2024, and concluded with the completion of the restoration by 05/12/2024. The total drying time clocked at 42 hours, a testament to the efficiency and dedication of the Water Damage Pro team.

North St Paul Restoration and Repair

The successful completion of the fire damage restoration in St. Paul not only restored a damaged property but also brought back the comfort and safety of a family home. This case study underscores the importance of rapid response, expert handling, and the use of advanced technology in overcoming the adversities posed by fire damage.

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