Eco-friendly ways to get rid of basement smell after water removal

The smell caused by mold and other microorganisms may be harmful to your health. You can get rid of this smell without necessarily using chemicals. Here are some of the ecofriendly means to get rid of the smell. See more here.


Vinegar is an excellent substance to use because of its scent. It will get rid of most mildew and mold smell. You are only required to pour it on the floor and mostly where there was a buildup of mold. It will a short time to do away with the smell. See here for information about How to know when water is in your basement.

Lemon Juice

Extract the lemon juice from the fruits and mix it with water. You can make a strong sweet solution depending on the effect of smell. Apply it on the floor, and even walls and the lemon scent will replace the smell in the shortest time possible.

Baking soda

Spread baking soda on the affected area, and it will soak the smell coming out as a result damp basement. 

Soap and water

Carry out simple cleaning using a natural soap with a scented smell. Avoid soap, which may initiate the growth of mold, putting the basement at risk. Only use clean water during the exercise.

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