Columbia Heights Is A Place for Theatre Lovers

Popular Theatres Worth Trying Out While in Columbia Heights

If you enjoy anything to do with the theatre, whether a classic play, musical as old as time or even modern shows, Columbia Heights might just be the perfect place for you. The neighborhood and its environs boast some of the best theatres in Minneapolis, and whichever you decide on visiting, you can be sure that you will not leave a disappointed person. Here are a few theatres in the area you can check out. Learn more here.

 Heights Theatre

Arguably one of the most treasured theatres in the area, Heights Theatre, is the best place to catch a show while in the Columbia Heights Region. They air a variety of genres, from classic to modern plays and even musicals. The acting is nothing short of superb, and if you are looking for somewhere to enjoy your date night, this is highly recommendable. Learn more about Top Shopping Destinations Around Robbinsdale.

 Riverview Theatre

Just twenty minutes away from Heights is this other magnificent theatre. If you are looking to catch a movie from the golden times, this is the perfect place. The theatre is very clean, seating nothing short of comfortable, and regardless of where you are seated, the viewing is magnificent. Patrons are very polite and helpful.

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