Causes of Basement Flooding

The common causes

Basement flooding a problem we face regularly. Many people do not understand the cause of flooding; hence do not opt for the best remedy. There many reasons for basement flooding, but below are common causes. Visit this link for more information.

Location of your home

Houses built on a plain ground are prone to basement flooding since water does not flow. That is why it is always advisable to build your home on sloping land to allow water movement in case of heavy rains. Read about How to prevent Basement water/flooding here.

Poor floor and wall sealing

Poor floors and wall sealing can cause water in the basement. That is, as a result of poor construction services. Always ensure that you hire a competent contractor for your house and, in cases leaking walls, ensure that you seal them immediately.

Blocked Gutter system

A blocked gutter system is another cause of flooding. When the gutters are blocked, water does not flow, and it may find its way into the basement. Always check your gutter, and in case of any problem, call the technician immediately.

An incorrectly installed drainage system

When the downspouts of your house are close to the basement or drain towards the basement, they may overflow and cause leaks. Ensure they flow towards the street or backyard.

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