A Specialist  Will Assist You From Minneapolis, Minnesota Fire, and Water Damage Restoration Company

If you urgently require the services of a qualified Minneapolis water mold inspector to get rid of the existing mold in your house, then you should not hesitate to contact our Water Mold Fire and Water Damage Restoration company at Water Mold Water Damage Repair. Our professional crew of experts can quickly identify, and remove existing mold from your home, as well as assist you in addressing other water restoration issues. Our staff is fully trained and certified in the best practices for removing mold from your home and office. We are also able to provide a full list of references to contact if you feel that the services we offer are inadequate. More can be found here.

Our team of specialists can assist you with a range of water-mold fire restoration services. We have a complete range of mold testing services from water sampling to mold testing to mold remediation. To test for and remove all existing mold, we use the most recent technology and equipment. We use a process that allows us to sample and identify any mold before it is damaged or destroyed, then test to be sure that all mold has been eradicated by our testing process. Learn more about Reconstructing Your Property? Get a Fire and Water Damage Restoration Company in Minneapolis, MN.

If you require immediate mold removal and repair in your Minneapolis, MN Fire, and Water Damage Restoration Company is happy to come out and do a free evaluation on your property. If you are unable to test for and eliminate all mold, then our team can schedule a mold testing in our Water and Fire restoration facility. Our team will assess the extent of mold in the room or areas of your property that need immediate treatment. If we determine that you require mold remediation, our team can provide mold remediation services from start to finish. In addition to mold testing, our team can also inspect your building or property for leaks and/or cracks. These repairs are extremely important for protecting the integrity of your building and for reducing the risk of further moisture damage. If any of these need to be done by you, our team can provide free estimates on these services.

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